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We will shoot outdoors at a lovely spot in Leith, Edinburgh. Details will be sent before your shoot but please wear a t-shirt or vest underneath your clothes so you can change comfortably. Toilet facilities will be provided before we leave to shoot.

Can I shave?

Absolutely. We can take a short break in the session to accommodate this.

What do I wear?

It is important to bring as wide a selection with you as possible for the shoot. A top or outfit can really make or break your photo so you want something that compliments you yet doesn't pull focus away from your face. Take your eye colour into consideration when choosing your colours and try to steer clear of anything too bright or overly fussy. For me, texture works beautifully in an image so again, take that into consideration when choosing your clothing.





Jumpsuits and dresses can photograph very well so if you have a selection of those - bring them along! A nice denim or leather jacket can also work well (if that's your vibe) but generally I say please bring clothing you feel great in, or that you genuinely like. Please don't pop to Primark pre shoot and pick up the same generic top in fourteen colours - we want something a little more individual to set your photo's apart.


Please bring a selection of whatever you fabulous in. It's important that we get a range of shots you feel truly represent you.


A nice selection of shirts/jumpers/jackets and t-shirts is always a win. Layering can work well so please have a think about what t-shirt might go with what shirt etc (I can also advise you on this if fashion strikes the fear of God into you) again, texture works beautifully in any image so have a think about this when selecting your clothing. 



Please avoid any drastic cuts/dye jobs right before our shoot unless it is is something you have truly thought about/been advised on (by your agent or such - not your mum) Please let any changes settle and be prepared to maintain the appearance of said drastic cuts/dye jobs as casting directors will be expecting to see the person in the pictures walk into the room. Generally I say please wear your hair how you would to a casting - if you have poker straight hair but sometimes sport a wave then we have time to switch this up and vice versa. I can help with any hair up quandaries as I know this is a personal preference from one person to the next.

Make up wise please keep it natural. It's easy to build on a light foundation but not so easy to strip it back if we need to. Please avoid wearing false eyelashes unless they are something you always wear and know how to work. We can always start without and put them on mid-shoot for some different looks if that's what you require. Generally a light foundation or tinted moisturiser works well, with a little mascara and a subtle lip tint. I appreciate we all know our faces better than anyone else so a good general note is to arrive to me as you would to a typical casting for you. Please arrive with hair and make-up ready to go so we can start shooting promptly (after some tea and chats)


Please wear your make-up how you would to a casting (or leave you skin au-natural if this is the look you prefer) as above we can always build on a natural look to get a wide range of looks.


Again, if you're going for some make-up then please keep it as natural as possible. I can always help with any queries you may have regarding blemishes/concealer etc.



General Notes

Please don't arrive at the shoot hungover, or alternatively, still drunk. Headshots are a hugely important part of wether you get in the room or not so please make sure you feel well rested and ready to go. Eat well and drink plenty of water a day or two beforehand so you feel hydrated and fresh. Most importantly please know that, as an actor myself, I know how stressful headshots can be. I pride myself in being able to make anyone feel comfortable and at their best so that we achieve a nice and natural selection of characterful shoots which truly represent you.

I look forward to meeting you and if you have any further questions which aren't answered here then please drop me an email at

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